block printing

One of the oldest forms of textile printing still available today. The intricately carved wooden blocks used to create these designs makes it look as though the fabric has been painted by hand.

screen printing

Silkscreen printing dates back several centuries. It has its origins in stencilling and gives a richly coloured finish to the fabric. We make our screens at our studio which means our designs stay exclusive to us.

indu kapahi

The founder of Inka, Indu believes that an artist’s concern is to capture beauty where ever she finds it. And that’s the deep creative passion she brings to her designs, transforming her vision into ethereal and comfortable textiles for homes. Indu’s designs are a beautiful confluence of the ancient technique of block printing and different elements of nature and architectural geometrics.

Her human centered approach to design is based on constant evolution of ideas and focuses on bringing living spaces to life. Indu’s use of striking colour palettes and interplay between elements from nature and geometric patterns set her designs apart. With an unmatched eye to detail, Indu puts sustainable choices at the heart of her production methods.

Having built a successful brand of a well-designed, curated line of affordable yet luxurious bed linen and furnishings, Indu looks forward to collaborating with artists across the world to take Inka to homes across the globe.


Our highly skilled artisans are the core of the Inka family and what we do. Dedicated to their art, their commitment and eye for detail is integral to our success. We've grown the studio together and part of our mission is to hone and preserve this beautiful craft so it continues to uplift generations to come.

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