Handprinted textiles to make your house a home
At Inka, we work with artisanal Indian craftsmanship, passed down through generations, to create rich bespoke textiles for modern living
Inka is a Delhi-based textile design studio with a passion for printing done by hand – a technique in Indian art that's been around for centuries. Taking inspiration from across the globe, we work closely with our artisans to create fresh collections each season and designs that bring refined luxury home.
It's a cliché but we think it's true – home is where the heart is. It's the personal touches that make a home special. Our designs are first carefully drawn before our artisans apply them by hand with colours specially created on the day. At Inka we love this attention to detail. It's what makes our products unique.
Tailor-made design
Looking for something special? Every home is different and we create designs and products that can be tailor-made to suit your tastes and needs. Get in touch with us to find out more.
The Inka team
Our artisans
Our highly skilled artisans are the core of the Inka family and what we do. Dedicated to their art, their commitment and eye for detail is integral to our success. We've grown the studio together and part of our mission is to hone and preserve this beautiful craft so it continues to uplift generations to come.
Indu Kapahi
The founder of Inka, Indu is an artist at heart. Having raised her two children, she set up Inka in 2005 after travelling in Rajasthan where she felt inspired by the block printers she got to know there. For her, part of the joy of Inka has been building a modern business based on ancient non-industrialised techniques. "I've taken the artisans in a new direction and it's thanks to them that my sketches and ideas are brought to life."
The rest of the family
Our work and attention to detail doesn't end with the printing table. The fabrics we print are carefully treated for colour fastness and durability while our administrative team ensures a smooth line of production along with the people who cut and sow, finish and pack the goods before they are sent to you. Inka is a team of people with similar values and this shows in all our work.
"At Inka we're connecting quality craftsmanship to the market and the artisan to modern style trends."