Taking inspiration from the early 18th century trade between India and Europe, the Guldasta collections emboldens exquisitely crafted floral prints that bring a medley of tulips, carnations, trees and leaves onto fine cotton.

Supple blankets; snug, airy throws and cushions that will stream in flushes of colour and textures to your home. Guldasta is a tribute to the exquisite hand-painted Palampores that bedecked the homes of emperors, in green and accents of red have been set to life, by careful hand printing by INKA’s artisans.

Our curated line of affordable yet luxurious bed linen comes in unique cloth bags with the design of the products. Our bags are reusable.

Обратимое Одеяло

The Guldasta quilt is eclectic: with its dense floral beauty on one side, and the calm sparseness created by the hand-done bouquet print on the other. Agile, soft and snug: the quilt its bright border and hand-spun cotton. Inside this quilt is where you will feel at home.

Cushions & Coverlet

With the collection’s trademark bouquet print on one side, and green stripes accented with soft reds, the Guldasta cushion is a versatile decorator, matched easily with other cushions in stark plains or colorful prints. Matches perfectly with the sophisticated monotone coverlet, enmeshed with our quilted bouquet.

Dohar & Throws

A reminder of the frescos, and childhood summers - the Khasto throw brings a mural-like technique into the art of intricate block printing, and everyday, affordable luxury. The Dohar, with the collection’s trademark bouquet print and its supple border is a great companion to bring home.

Towel Set

Lightweight, elegant and easy to maintain, Guldasta bath towels embellished with pretty florals are a little treat to yourself.