An interpretation of the motifs from the Renaissance period in France, with this collection, INKA brings a classical balance to a versatile range of prints. The block print remains central, here coming to life as “fleur ombre” — a take on the summer flowers of the shade, those that provide solace even during scorching weathers. Intricate block prints emerge on patterned surfaces for lively, textured fabrics. Both for bath and bed, densely printed sheets and weightless throws define this collection’s base - which move easily between seasons.

Our curated line of affordable yet luxurious bed linen comes in unique cloth bags with the design of the products. Our bags are reusable.

Reversible Quilt

With a ribbon stripe pattern on one side, and the trademark Fluer Ombre on another, the reversible quilt is full of layers, of both design and fabric that create a perfectly relaxing companion for an afternoon nap. Hand-quilted with care, its spun, washed cotton brings much needed freshness into your life.

Cushions & Coverlet

The Gulnar coverlet with its subtle quilting and Gulnar shape inspired by the cultures of ancient Arabia makes a great addition to any bed set. Pair with the cushions in the Renaissance collection, or take it forward to others - versatile, durable inclusion into your decor.

With the Fluer Ombre set in light gradients, the bold chevron and and easy to please ribbon stripe, our cushions are a melange of intricacy. With zip closures, and made from streamlined, easy to maintain cotton fabrics, these cushions can be lasting members of your living or bedroom.

Dohar & Throws

The Fleur Ombre emerges once again, in our throw made from thrice layered cotton woven into a fine striped weave, and our summertime dohar, in soft, triple layered cotton.

Набор полотенец

Elegantly set with running ribbon stripes, and featuring introspective wine reds and refreshing peach coral colours, these towels in absorbent cotton stand for luxury, everyday. Easy to use, and quick to dry.