Inspired by the Himalayan rambling rose bush — a roving, elusive plant of unique allure, the Summer Snow is a dedication to the elusive cool breezes and the gusts of smells from flowers that tint summers in the Indian hills. Accented by modern geometric prints, and touches of mellow azure blues, this collection brings forth creations in both bed and bath.

Nature, and its small wonders are present in much of INKA’s thoughts - but here, circling around the rambling rose bush, we find inspiration in the beauty of a thing many take for granted. These sentiments are brought to life by layering with several colours — hand-printed, one by one to create meaningful and lasting layers on the products. In the Summer Snow, classic block prints mix with contemporary ones to create an interactive universe of play.

Our curated line of affordable yet luxurious bed linen comes in unique cloth bags with the design of the products. Our bags are reusable.

Reversible Quilt

Deep-set blue flowers married with intimate textured patterns, flip over your summer snow quilt depending on your mood. It works well coupled with our intricately printed cushions, or set atop the cooling patterns in our bed sheets.

Cushions & Coverlet

Gulnar, or the “Fire of the Flower” takes life in our chic Charcoal coverlet, on which a quilted bouquet is set- A modern addition to your bedscape.

The Tamra pattern is an intrinsic one at Inka - symbolising life, and nature and spirit. Hand block printed with care, the indigo colour lives its best life on this cushion.

Dohar & Throws

Tune down with Inka after a day’s work. This throw is made from pure Cotton, washed and treated in-house. With prints of the Himalayan musk rose brought to life with playful tassels on the border, the throw is perfect company to end a hard day’s work

Набор полотенец

Elegantly set with running ribbon stripes, and featuring introspective wine reds and refreshing peach coral colours, these towels in absorbent cotton stand for luxury, everyday. Easy to use, and quick to dry.