Razais or cotton quilts date from the 18th century and continue to be a loved and staple part of most Indian homes. Whether a balmy summer’s night, chilly winter morning or a rainy day, Razais are the perfect comfort throughout the year.
Fleur Ombre olive reversible razaiFleur Ombre olive reversible razai
Jamila rose reversible razaiJamila rose reversible razai
Vedika indigo reversible razaiVedika indigo reversible razai
Fleur Ombre blue reversible razaiFleur Ombre blue reversible razai
Guldasta crimson reversible razaiGuldasta crimson reversible razai
Anaar charcoal reversible razaiAnaar charcoal reversible razai
Jharokha multicolour reversible razaiJharokha multicolour reversible razai