Throws are very versatile and make a welcome addition to both bedrooms and seating spaces. Cozy up on a chilly evening, add extra warmth to your bed or simply drape them over a chair for a layered look we love.
Jamila rose throwJamila rose throw

Jamila rose throw

₹ 3,600
Fleur Ombre olive throwFleur Ombre olive throw
Chevron citron throwChevron citron throw

Chevron citron throw

₹ 3,600
Fleur Ombre blue throwFleur Ombre blue throw

Fleur Ombre blue throw

₹ 3,600
Jamila blue throwJamila blue throw
new price

Jamila blue throw

₹ 3,060 ₹ 3,600
Khes aqua throwKhes aqua throw

Khes aqua throw

₹ 3,600
Khes indigo throwKhes indigo throw

Khes indigo throw

₹ 3,600
Khes stone throwKhes stone throw

Khes stone throw

₹ 3,600
Kikri crimson throwKikri crimson throw

Kikri crimson throw

₹ 3,600
Vedika indigo throwVedika indigo throw

Vedika indigo throw

₹ 3,600