In an extraordinary partnership between the Neemrana Collections and Inka, the beauty of these architectural elements has been translated into textile art. Renowned textile designer Indu Kapahi was invited to create a one-time capsule collection inspired by Neemrana's architectural wonders. The result is a collection of stunning bedding, quilts, bedsheets, and pillows, each design mirroring the intricate details and the vibrant spirit of Neemrana's properties.

As you explore this unique collection, you have the opportunity to experience the architectural splendor of Rajasthan in a whole new light. Embrace the rich history, culture, and craftsmanship that both Neemrana Collections and Inka hold dear. These designs are more than just textiles; they are a visual journey through the annals of India's traditions. We invite you to take a piece of this history home with you, to wrap yourself in stories of the past, and to embrace the fusion of culture and artistry. Welcome to the Neemrana x Inka Capsule Collection, where the legacy of architectural marvels meets the canvas of modern design.

Aude Priya Wacziarg

Indu Kapahi

Passionate about opera singing, Aude Priya completed her training at the Toulouse Conservatory and fine tuned her technique in Renata Scotto's Academy in Rome. In 2014, Aude Priya became the director of the Neemrana Hotels as well as of the Francis Wacziarg buying houses. She also became the Managing Trustee of the Neemrana Music Foundation, and of the Dominique Lapierre City of Joy Foundation. Indu is Inka’s Founder and Creative Director and an artist at heart. She originally set up her textile studio in 2005, after she got to know and was inspired by printers she met while travelling in Rajasthan. As her studio evolved, so did her art and Inka was born.