Cozy up your favourite spots at home with throws and cushions from our relax collection. Featuring prints and colours that are made to add warmth to your space, these accent pieces are perfect for your living room, bedroom, or a comfy reading nook. 

Anaar charcoal 50<span>x</span>50 cushionAnaar charcoal 50<span>x</span>50 cushion
Chevron citron 40<span>x</span>40 cushionChevron citron 40<span>x</span>40 cushion
Chevron citron throwChevron citron throw
Feather Stripe dusty rose 30x50 cushionFeather Stripe dusty rose 30x50 cushion
Feather Stripe ladakh blue 30<span>x</span>50 cushionFeather Stripe ladakh blue 30<span>x</span>50 cushion
Fleur Ombre blue 50<span>x</span>50 cushionFleur Ombre blue 50<span>x</span>50 cushion
Fleur Ombre blue throwFleur Ombre blue throw
Guldasta crimson 50<span>x</span>50 cushionGuldasta crimson 50<span>x</span>50 cushion
Hira aqua 50<span>x</span>50 cushionHira aqua 50<span>x</span>50 cushion
Hira indigo 50<span>x</span>50 cushionHira indigo 50<span>x</span>50 cushion
Hira stone 50<span>x</span>50 cushionHira stone 50<span>x</span>50 cushion
Jali ash blue 30<span>x</span>50 cushionJali ash blue 30<span>x</span>50 cushion